As women belonging to the palace of the Queens, we are saying “If they did it in 1956 and succeeded, women of today can do it as well” and they deserve same recognition as 1956 women. This will be achieved through a recognition, hence the 62nd year will witness a spectacular moment where 62 Queens will be recognised and awarded for the work, they do to preserve 1956 legacy. The awards aimed to inspire all women who are continuing with the same struggle for different purposes and to inspire all those women who were born in 1976. These awards are an apparatus to encourage all women to walk in the steps of Women of 1956 and 1976. It is set to be done in 3 phases:

1.HONOR (award) 2. DOCUMENT (writing Books) 3. Exhibition (Museums, Libraries, Archives).


  • To enhance the sense of pride, belonging and loyalty to the KZN Province 
  • To honour and recognise the competencies and creativity of women of the Province
  • To acknowledge and promote women excellence
  • To reward and encourage excellence in the implementation of community development
  • To strengthen and profile all the women who goes beyond the call of duty

Participation and Criteria   

  • Women from all different sectors were eligible to enter for the awards 
  • The awards are open to ordinary citizens doing extra-ordinary, Government Departments, Businesses, Media etc. 
  • Each recipient will be nominated by the community and the nomination recommendation letter will be forwarded to the panel for final selection

All finalists for the 62 Queens Awards were selected based on the recommendation letters while others were hand selected by a panelist which will be made up of a group consisting of top-tier professionals from acclaimed institutions, and other strategic role players in Women Empowerment.  To learn more about the 62 Queens Awards visit the website soon to be developed and a book to be launched.

Winning entries for the awards were selected by the panel to uphold our commitment to fairness and merit-based achievement. This ensures each entry is afforded equal chance of winning an award, as all entries are judged to evaluate distinction in creative and development work. In determining excellence entries are judged based on a standard of excellence in their respective fields.  

Judging is based purely on quality of craft, so sometimes a category may have multiple winners or none at all.   


  • Media print & electronic
  • Business/Entrepreneur
  • Education
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Farming
  • Politics
  • Construction
  • Social Work ( Community development)
  • Health



Documentation and archiving activities serve as a tool of preserving history for the next generation to feed their eyes, soul and mind. It helps to reflect from the past and serve as a guide towards the framework of the future.

In 2020 KZN WOMEN AUTHORS FORUM was founded just for the purpose of encouraging women to tell their stories through writing and obviously you cannot be a writer without being a reader. 

Women Authors were encouraged to identify all women who are excelling and consistent in everything that they are doing to be profiled including all the previous women who were awarded in 2018 for their excellency. 

Interviews conducted, photography, videography, recording and writing, the material gathered will be visually documented as well as in a booklet form.

On the 2th of August 2022 the plan is to launch 2 books, first one Moyizela Mama women in craft trading at the beach, Durban Station Mansel and Berea. The focus is on those who have been in this sector for more than 10 years. We believe their stories will contribute in the upbring of a child to adulthood.

The second one is the 66 Queens of Excellence since this is the 66th year from 1956 WOMEN who marched to Union Buildings.

KZN authors from 11 districts will be represented. 


Books and Craft display 



Book selling